Why Minireads

The Minireads is about books and lessons on topics like entrepreneurship, time management, self help, feminism, mental well being, productivity, fiction and covers many other issues from audiobooks, movies and documentaries. We believe in bringing the wisdom of these sources for our readers in an effortless manner.

A book is not just a story or a mere collection of facts, anecdotes or events. It is a living treasure of knowledge, experiences which depend on which time of life you read that book. “The alchemist” would sound magical when you are chasing your goals but it might sound boring when you are already on top of the game. We read a book and we forget what we learnt from the book and how we felt.

This is why Minireads was born. To sieve out important lessons, learning and experience and to extract the hidden elements from the book for you. The posts here will help you maximize the learning from the books by reading the minimum.

On this blog, we will talk about topics ranging from entrepreneurship to feminism, time management to magical realism, self help to mental health, productivity to fiction, we have got it all covered.

Stories are not just a narration, they are a treasure of knowledge. The characters are not mere protagonists; they are individuals whom we meet in our everyday world. Stories teach us how to deal with such individuals. They offer us an insight into the other person’s life. It is similar walking in someone else’s shoes and see world through their eyes.

The books present perspectives. They are interpretations of the same reality, events, facts and figures which we stumble upon every day. They expand our horizon of thinking, enable us to think in dimensions which we wouldn’t have looked upon, if not the books.

This is a small initiative to free books from the mould of reviews. Do not worry, we will also review the book.

Have a good time.

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