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2 years ago
Why do Jap men scream and yell all
the time?
Ehe 2 years ago
Blah ew
Umm 3 years ago
I can't decide if this is weirder without subtitles or not.
JSS 2 years ago
Japs are very creative
William Alexander 2 years ago
Good heavens for me too the VOCABULARIES SHOUND OFF KEY .figured I,d eat at the holland Tunnel did not even see the dang road .we went bye so fast?
No No No! 2 years ago
It must be forbidden!...sometimes.
3 years ago
This is so weird!
Ttt 2 years ago
Maybe because i watch anime i understand everything they are saying and this is just fucking wierd serious bruh moment.
As well as. 1 year ago
I too wish to be a forbidden
ThisIsMe 1 year ago
I think Japanese men are mentally ill & the women are psychologically screwed up by having to be around insane people all their lives.