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Toddler-Hunting: Taeko Kono’s disturbing stories

Books that challenge traditional social norms and beliefs are the ones I always look forward to read. They not only widen your horizons but also make you think in an unconventional way. In the similar way, breaking all the stereotypes, Toddler-Hunting & other stories by Taeko Kono, is an underrated short stories collection of unhappy women in post-war Japan.… Continue reading

Our trees still grow in Dehra: Poignant yet ecstatic

Ruskin Bond is well, Ruskin bond in this collection of short stories titled “Our trees still grow in Dehra”. I suppose this is the first time I am reading some leaves of his own life, about his childhood, his father, his mother and stepfather, grandma and grandma and there are some captivating mentions of the places where he has spent his life.… Continue reading

Birthday Girl: Murakami’s magical words

Some books leave you with a special feeling. The times when you have given up on your dreams by compromising with the reality, they make you realize that there is still some magic present in our ordinary lives. “Birthday Girl” by Haruki Murakami, is one such book. Published as a short story in 2004, under Murakami’s Birthday Stories collection, this is re-published by Vintage Books as a separate book this year (2019) for celebrating Murakami’s 70th birthday.… Continue reading

Of dogs and walls by Yuko Tsushima

“Of dogs and walls” by Yuko Tsushima has two short stories which have never been translated into English before. It comes under the fifty new books published last year, for celebrating the pioneering spirit of iconic Penguin Modern Classics series. Coming from varied backgrounds, each book offers its own contemporary flavor.… Continue reading

Forbidden stories from inside North Korea: The Accusations by Bandi

How will you react, when you will come to know that, your life’s fate has been written down long before your birth? And what you eat and drink, what you speak, and where you go, everything would be closely monitored. Scary, isn’t it?

The Accusations written by Bandi is a collection of seven such stories, giving us the chilling account of the lives of the people living in North Korea.… Continue reading

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