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Of dogs and walls by Yuko Tsushima

“Of dogs and walls” by Yuko Tsushima has two short stories which have never been translated into English before. It comes under the fifty new books published last year, for celebrating the pioneering spirit of iconic Penguin Modern Classics series. Coming from varied backgrounds, each book offers its own contemporary flavor.… Continue reading

Forbidden stories from inside North Korea: The Accusations by Bandi

How will you react, when you will come to know that, your life’s fate has been written down long before your birth? And what you eat and drink, what you speak, and where you go, everything would be closely monitored. Scary, isn’t it?

The Accusations written by Bandi is a collection of seven such stories, giving us the chilling account of the lives of the people living in North Korea.… Continue reading

The Metamorphosis: A tale of today’s “great depression”

The Metamorphosis (1915), written by Franz Kafka is one of the finest pieces of literature. This novella focuses on the modern day lives which is filled with dichotomy, dilemmas, frustrations and pomp shows. The book uses the story of Gregor Samsa and his metamorphosis to open a world of interpretations and discussions.… Continue reading

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