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Forbidden stories from inside North Korea: The Accusations by Bandi

How will you react, when you will come to know that, your life’s fate has been written down long before your birth? And what you eat and drink, what you speak, and where you go, everything would be closely monitored. Scary, isn’t it?

The Accusations written by Bandi is a collection of seven such stories, giving us the chilling account of the lives of the people living in North Korea.… Continue reading

Flood of fire, third book from the Ibis trilogy

Flood of fire (2015) is the third book in the Ibis trilogy, written by Amitav Ghosh. The series finds its premise in the first opium war fought between England and China in which India became a party forcibly and involuntarily. The third book takes the story forward. Sea of poppies covers the stories from India, River of smoke sets the stage of opium war and third book, flood of fire actually becomes a witness to the war.… Continue reading

River of Smoke: As the Ibis trilogy progresses

The second book in the Ibis trilogy is named “River of smoke” and it turned out to be much more interesting than sea of poppies. To catch the story line, refer the older posts. This book is probably named river of smoke for the river, Pearl River, and the port city alongside, Canton which was the destination of opium being shipped from Calcutta.… Continue reading

Sea of Poppies: A follow up before River of Smoke

After reading Sea of Poppies, I have picked up the second book in the trilogy, River of Smoke.

I will be reviewing the book by the end of this week so I thought to keep a track of the story line

The introducing character Deeti has escaped from her husband’s death fire with Kalua.… Continue reading

Of opium, seas and tragedies: Sea of poppies by Amitav Ghosh

First part of the Ibis trilogy is named Sea of poppies. The name signifies the fate of characters which  are all connected by a ship (Ibis) , sea and opium and all three have been metaphorized into sea of poppies.

The introductory character of the book is Deeti, a woman from Eastern Uttar Pradesh who has an afeemkhor (opium addict) husband and she escapes with Kalua, a cart-puller from a scavenger caste.… Continue reading

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