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The Minireads is about books and lessons on topics like entrepreneurship, time management, self help, feminism, mental well being, productivity, fiction and covers many other issues from audiobooks, movies and documentaries. We believe in bringing the wisdom of these sources for our readers in an effortless manner.

A book is not just a story or a mere collection of facts, anecdotes or events.… Continue reading

Arise, awake and make your dreams come true

Arise, awake (2015) is a collection of inspiring stories from the most aspiring, up-and-coming entrepreneurs of the country who are working round the clock to ensure that they can help India to grow to its full potential. The world’s economic center is shifting towards east and India and China are the heart of that center.… Continue reading

Toddler-Hunting: Taeko Kono’s disturbing stories

Books that challenge traditional social norms and beliefs are the ones I always look forward to read. They not only widen your horizons but also make you think in an unconventional way. In the similar way, breaking all the stereotypes, Toddler-Hunting & other stories by Taeko Kono, is an underrated short stories collection of unhappy women in post-war Japan.… Continue reading

Our trees still grow in Dehra: Poignant yet ecstatic

Ruskin Bond is well, Ruskin bond in this collection of short stories titled “Our trees still grow in Dehra”. I suppose this is the first time I am reading some leaves of his own life, about his childhood, his father, his mother and stepfather, grandma and grandma and there are some captivating mentions of the places where he has spent his life.… Continue reading

If on a winter’s night: Italo Calvino on the art of reading

Reading is a leisure for any devoted reader. When you read about a character, it either makes you happy, or drenches you with anger and sadness. But at the back of your mind, there is always a thought that, “After all it’s not my story.” What if, the writer decides to write about you?… Continue reading

Hardboiled & Hard Luck: Dreamy prose of Banana Yoshimoto

What do you do when you are having a hard time in life? When the onus of regrets and grief is making you weak. Will you give up? Certainly not! So, is there any choice? Yes, definitely. The choice is to accept it and move on. And there are some books that could help you in accepting your grief, working as a pacifier to your soul.… Continue reading

Deborah Levy on writing and womanhood

Writing is a journey in itself. Experience plays a vital role in a writer’s life. With experience, you learn your mistakes and how to outgrow them. There are good and bad experiences. Some of them you will like to remember and some of them you will wish to forget about. “Things I don’t want to know” by Deborah Levy, is the first book in her three part living autobiography.… Continue reading

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